Preethi Blue Leaf Platinum Mixer Grinder, 110V for USA & Canada


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  • 3 Jars including Super Extractor, and Grind N’ Store
  • 550 watts powerful heavy-duty motor; 110 Volts 60 hz
  • UL Approved Motor from Preethi
  • Product Comes with a 1 Year Motor Warranty
  • Jars Warranty 90 Days?

The Preethi ‘Platinum’ has an UL approved Motor. Besides a one year guarantee, is provided for Mixer Grinder purchased in US. Self Support Service Kit and Service Instruction Manual is provided for buyers in India.

‘Platinum’ is suitable for countries with 110 v range of power supply.

‘Platinum’ comes with powerful 550 Watts motor that operates at 110v and makes grinding faster and simpler.

The Super Extractor makes it possible for quick extraction of juices from various fruits and vegetables and retains the pulp inside the filter.

The Jars and Blades are rust-proof & the Domes and Lids are made of unbreakable Polycarbonate material.

The ‘Grind n’ Store’ has an air tight container which makes grinding, storing and serving an easy task.

Flexi-Lid converts your 1.75 Litre Jar to 1.25 Litre Jar.

Jar Configuration: 1.75 litres S.S Jar,1.5 litres Super Extractor Jar, 0.4 litres Grind n’ Store with Big Bottle and Small Bottle.

Technical Specification
Model & No. : Platinum – MG 153
Voltage : 110V AC 60 Hz.
Power Consumption: 550 Watts
Insulation : Class F
Protection : Class I
Rating : 30 Minutes
Motor : Universal 550 Watts High Power Motor. No load speed 18,000 RPM (approx.) With load speed 10,500 RPM (approx.)
Material of Body: A.B.S.
Material of Jars: Stainless Steel & Polycarbonate
Material of Dome: Polycarbonate
Blade Assemblies: Stainless Steel, Machine Ground and Polished.
Speed Controls: Rotary Switch with 3 speed and Incher Switch.
Power cord: PVC approx. 2 meters long with 10 Amps 3-pin Plug.
Country of Origin: India
Jar Capacity
Jar Size Rated Capacity
Dry Wet Liquidize Whip
Big Jar 1.75 litres 0.75 litre 0.50 litre 1.00 litre
Big Jar with Flexilid 1.25 litres 0.50 litre 0.40 litre 0.60 litre
Super Extractor 1.50 litres 0.75 litre Min: 4 Eggs
Max: 8 Eggs
Grind n?? Store 0.40 litres 0.30 litre 0.20 litre
Minimum Capacity for all the above – At Least up to Blade level
Gross Weight: 6.8 kg ( approx.)
Size of Carton 44 cm (L) X 24 cm (W) X 38 cm (H)
Warranty : 1 Years
Standard: UL recognized Motor

Note:?If you have any problem in machine or jars in? a warranty period you have to send us we will check and send back to you with your own shipping expense.