LiteFuze 1500 Watts Heavy Duty Voltage Transformer Converter LT-1500


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LT-1500 Watt Capacity – LiteFuze Heavy Duty Step Up/Down Voltage Transformer 1500 W Step Down Voltage Converter/Transformer

Allows you to Use 110/120 Volts North American (USA) Products in other countries where there is 220 volts electricity such as Asia, Europe, Australia, South America and Africa.

Step Up Voltage Converter/Transformer

Allows you to Use 220/240 Volts Products from overseas in North America (USA/Canada) where there is 110/120 volts electricity.

Circuit Breakers

Circuit Breakers protect your expensive equipment in most cases by blowing the built in fuse before anything can reach your equipment.

Four outlets for output in the front

1 sockets for Grounded Universal 220 volts outlet / 1 sockets for Universal 220 volts outlet / 2 sockets for USA Grounded 110 volts outlet


  • 1500 Watt Maximum Capacity Heavy-Duty Voltage Converter / Transformer
  • Dual Step Up or Step Down functionality
  • Switch the transformer to 110V for use in USA to output 220V
  • Switch the transformer to 220V for use in overseas to output 110V
  • Input: 110V -> Output: 220V
  • Input: 220V -> Output: 110V
  • Input Selection in the rear of the converter
  • Very High Capacity Shock-Proof Socket
  • LED Indicator for Power Source
  • Connectors:
    • Grounded North American Detachable cord
  • 4 sockets in the front:
    • 1 socket for Grounded Universal 220 volts outlet
    • 1 socket for Universal 220 volts outlet
    • 2 socket for Universal 110 volts outlet
  • Heavy duty for continuous use
  • Durable industrial type cord
  • Ventilated design for continuous use
  • Circuit Breaker protected – Circuit will cut off the current if the transformer is overloaded to protect the transformer and your appliance/electronic.
  • Dimensions: 7.25″ x 6″ x 9.5″
  • Weight: 17 lbs.

Box Contents:

  • LT-1500 Watts Voltage Converter