Frigidaire FS12K57CCH INVERTER Heat & Cool Split AC 220V


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  • 12000 BTU Capacity
  • INVERTER Heat & cool (heat pump)
  • R410a Refrigerant type
  • 2 EER Energy Efficiency Ratio
  • CE & RoHS Approved
  • LED Display Indoor unit
  • Remote Control LED Display
  • Temperature Display
  • T1 Ambient
  • Inverter compressor
  • Not cool only but also cleaner air
  • High density dust filter: a delicate dust filters with higher quality
  • Plasma filer: actively eliminates bacteria and viruses
  • White color
Weight and Dimensions
Unit dimensions

21.25″H x 30.55″W x 12.59″D Outdoor/ 7.4″H x 35.9″W x 11.14″D Indoor
Shipping dimensions

23.42??H x 32.4??W x 14.09??D Outdoor/ 13.52??H x 38.85??W x 10.23??D Indoor
Unit Weight 66.13 Lb./ 30kg outdoor/ 19.84 Lb./ 9 kg Indoor
Shipping Weight 72.75 Lb./ 33kg outdoor/ 26.45 Lb./ 12 kg Indoor

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