Elgi Ultra Chocogrind Chocolate Melanger Choco Grinder 110V


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A specially designed chocolate grinder for homes – Now there is no need to buy chocolates. Instead, you can make them at home.

Chocogrind is designed with high heat resistant class H insulation in the motor for continuous running up to 80 hours. It also has a timer that can be preset up to 99 hours. Grinding fineness is achieved even faster with the patented conical stones. The auto-motor shut off feature ensures Motor safety too.

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Capacity (min) 700g (tested for roasted cocoa nibs:sugar ratio of 70:30)
Capacity (max) 2kg (tested for roasted cocoa nibs:sugar ratio of 70:30)
Motor insulation Class H
Auto motor shut off and automatic resume Motor automatically shuts off at 135?? C motor coil temperature and automatically resumes once motor coil cools down to 100??C
Grinding Stones Conical
Continuous maximum running time (for crushing, grinding and conching) Tested upto 80 hours
Automatic Timer Preset time upto 99 hours (Can be changed in intervals of ?? 1 hour)
Buzzer Automatic beep alert at the end of set time
Drum AISI 304 Food Grade Stainless Steel
Shell ABS
Drum adapter material POM(Delrin) – can withstand upto 110?? C
Stone axle cover material POM(Delrin) – can withstand upto 110?? C
Wiper material HDPE – can withstand upto 80?? C
Roller holder bottom bush material POM(Delrin) – can withstand upto 110?? C
Roller stone spacer material POM(Delrin) – can withstand upto 110?? C
Drum Shape Dish-type
Stone cleaner Place the stone cleaner on the drum and the roller holder stone assembly on the stone cleaner. The cocoa mass on the stones can be wiped off into the drum by rotating the stones
Power failure & resume safety protection When power resumes after power cut, the grinder will not start automatically to ensure user safety. However the timer need not be reset. When ON button is pressed, grinder will run only for the remaining preset time
Shock Proof Yes
Drum Size (Max Inner diameter * height in mm) ?250 X 180
Motor Speed in RPM (Rated without load) 1350
Drum Speed in RPM (with max load) 130 ?? 5
Box Contents Grinder unit, User Guide, Stone Cleaner,Spatula
Product colour Fortune white
Lid colour Purple
Warranty Product Comes with a 1 Year Motor Warranty