Braun HD710 220 Volt SatinHair 7 Hair Dryer 220V 240V For Export -Not For Use in USA


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    No hair breakage – the patented filter fabric on the back of the Braun HD710 Satin Hair 7 hair dryer helps prevent hair breakage.

    The professional styling nozzle has been specially designed for precise drying and styling.

    The Satin Hair 7 hair dryer with unique IONTEC has been specially developed to avoid dehydration and damage to the hair. Compared to devices without IONTEC it even improves the moisture content of your hair during drying.

    Perfect finish – the extra cold setting provides the perfect finish to fix your hairstyle. Item weight: 0.7 kg

    No hair damage – Satin Hair 7 hair dryer gently dries your hair and provides optimal protection. Its unique Satin Protect overheating protection allows you to keep the temperature constant at 70??C, and still provides a strong airflow. This will ensure your hair is dried, but not ‘roasted’.

    Braun Satin Hair 7 Hair Dryer (220-volt Hair Dryer) – Designed for healthy drying without damage to hair.

    The Braun Satin Hair 7 hair dryer with IONTEC has been specially developed to maintain the natural shine and health of your hair during hair drying.

    Braun research has proven that excessive heat during drying leads to a significant loss of moisture in the hair.

    They become brittle and look dull and unhealthy. The Braun Satin Hair 7 Hair Dryer is your guarantee for healthy drying as it has continuous and precise temperature control.

    The optimally calibrated fan leads to even heat distribution and prevents heat tips and drying out.

    The unique 20?? angle of the hair dryer prevents filter blocking and overheating.

    Unleash your style – perfect shine, maximum protection. Like all hair styling products in the Braun Satin Hair 7 series, the Satin Hair 7 hair dryer (hair dryer/hair dryer) is equipped with Iontec, the groundbreaking ion technology from Braun.

    IONTEC is a unique technology that has been specially developed in this hair dryer to protect your hair and is therefore your guarantee for healthy styling.

    The green ion nozzle releases millions of ions and binds moisture from the air during drying.

    The result is a flawless hairstyle and radiant shine as an expression of the health of your hair.

    Wrap your hair in ions, strand by strand.