Bosch GNA2 Nibbler for 220 Volts


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Bosch GNA2

* 240 Volt Nibbler for metal sheet processing trades
* Particularly suitable for cut-outs of all types
* Sliding switch adapted to grip and covered
* Planetary gears – slim
* narrow design
* Adjustable die plate
* Power Input: 500W.

NOTE: This product will NOT work in US or Canada, It can be used ONLY in overseas countries with 220~240 volts electric outlets.

Product Specification:

Unit Weight: 4.5 Lb.
Product Type: Nibbler
Technical Specification
Cutting track width
6 mm
Pilot drilling for interior cut-out
16 mm
Smallest radius
3 mm
Stroke rate, load
1500 rpm
Stroke rate, idling
2400 rpm
Maximum cut thicknesses
Steel up to 400 N/mm2
2,0 mm
Steel up to 600 N/mm2
1,4 mm
Steel up to 800 N/mm2
1,0 mm
Aluminum up to 200 N/mm2
2,5 mm
Power input
Weight ( 2kg )
4.50 lbs.