Bosch BS45 Drill Stand 220/240 Volts


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  • Drill Stand with Working length
  • Z-axis: 80,00 mm
  • Column length: 550,00 mm
  • Table, clamping length
  • X axis: 200,00 mm, Table
  • Clamping length
  • Y axis: 200,00 mm
  • Overhang: 140 mm
  • Capacity: 43 mm.

Bosch BS45 Drill Stand 220/240 Volts

Drill Stand with Working length, Z-axis: 80,00 mm, Column length: 550,00 mm, Table, clamping length, X axis: 200,00 mm, Table, clamping length, Y axis: 200,00 mm, Overhang: 140 mm, capacity: 43 mm.

Product Specification:

Unit Weight: 15.5 Lb.
Shipping Dimension: 22.75″H x 12″W x 7.75″D
Product Type: Drill Stand

NOTE: This product will NOT work in US or Canada, It can be used ONLY in overseas countries with 220~240 volts electric outlets.