Hitachi TR6A Trimmer for 220 Volts


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Hitachi TR6A
220 Volt 50HZ – Trimmer 6.35mm (???), Power Input: 440W No-Load Speed:30,000/min

Product Specification:

Unit Weight: 1.4kg (3.1 lbs.)
Accessories: 1 Straight Guide Ass?y, 2 Wrenches.
Product Spec.: Capacity: Collect Chuck: 6mm, Power Input: 440W, No-Load Speed: 30,000/min, Overall Heigth: 229mm (9-1/32?). Normal0falsefalsefalseEN-USX-NONEX-NONE

NOTE: This product will NOT work in US or Canada, It can be used ONLY in overseas countries with 220~240 volts electric outlets.